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Being content with the decree of Allaah

Posted by tayybahppn on April 8, 2009

A poem by Imaam Al-Shaafi’ee


الرضا بقضاء الله”  الإمام الشافعي”
دع الأيام تفعل ما تشـــاء                 وطب نفسا إذا حكم القضاء  
ولا تجـــزع لحادثة الليالي                 فمـــا لحوادث الدنيا بقاء  
وكن رجلا على الأهوال جلدا             وشيمتك السماحة والوفــاء  
وإن كثرت عيوبك في البرايا                وسرك أن يكون لهـا غطاء
تستر بالسخــاء فكل عيب                 يغطيه كمــا قيل السخـاء
ولا تر للأعـــادي قط ذلا                      فإن شماتة الأعــداء بـلاء
ولا ترج السماحة من بخيـل                فمــا في النار للظمآن ماء
ورزقك ليس ينقصـه التأني                 وليس يزيد في الرزق العناء
ولا حزن يدوم ولا سـرور                       ولا بؤس عليك ولا رخــاء
إذا مــا كنت ذا قلب قنوع                     فأنت ومالك الدنيا ســـواء
ومن نزلت بساحته المنايــا                  فلا أرض تقيه ولا سمـــاء
وأرض الله واسعــة ولكن                      إذا نزل القضا ضاق الفضـاء


Being Content with the Decree of Allah


Let time pass by, and do as it wishes;

And restrain your soul when the decree of Allah is ordained

And despair not over your afflictions

For, worldly miseries are not everlasting

When calamity strikes, face up like a man

And let your traits be that of forgiveness and fidelity

If your flaws are plenty and are manifest

And your wish is that they be concealed

Know, that munificence hides every fault

And how many flaws are veiled by generosity!

Never should you seek to humiliate yourself to your enemies,

For their gloating over you is in itself an infliction,

Do not expect forgiveness from a miser,

For the parched do not quench their thirst from fire

Your sustenance will not diminish by neglect,

And it will not increase by exertion or by more toil

Neither does agony abide, nor happiness

And neither bad-times nor times of joy and comfort

If you are a person whose heart is satisfied with what he has

Then you and the owner of all possessions are equal

And those who have entered the sphere of death

The earth cannot hide them nor heavens

Surely, the land of Allah is vast, but –

When the ordainment of Allah descends even the open valley congests

Let the world betray and deceive every moment –

No matter what; there is no escape from death.


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