Preserving the Jewels of Islaamic Knowledge

Keep in mind before Ramadan

Posted by tayybahppn on April 8, 2009


Make a great deal of du’a that Allah  makes this the Ramadan in which your iman increases and continues to increase throughout the year.



Let’s not be on a crash diet throughout the year. We tend do very little throughout the year, do a lot of worship and good deeds in Ramadan, and then get back to our “normal” life after Ramadan. Too often we drastically increase the quantity of our ibadah, but what Allah  wants is quality and sincerity and not quantity. Ramadan is about increasing our good habits (i.e. reading more Qur’an, memorizing a little bit more, increasing nawafil, and so on) to the extent that we can keep consistent in them throughout the year. Ramadan is about starting good habits with the intention of keeping consistent with them throughout the year.



Don’t leave details out when you’re planning goals. It’s usually the lack of details that make us lazy. If you’re planning on reading more Qur’an, plan out when and how much you plan to read everyday; rather than reading whenever, because other things come up.



Get family and friends involved to keep the motivation and for encouragement. Do things together or help keep each other in check. I send this to the PPN family with the hope that we can encourage and motivate each other throughout Ramadan and beyond.


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