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Re-examining our relationship with out Parents

Posted by tayybahppn on April 8, 2009

Subhanallah! Most of us take our relationship with our parents for granted. We don’t realize how ill we treat them, how we disobey them, and how we fail to fulfill their rights properly. Maybe it’s because we’re all very busy here and there, but once we take the time to reflect on our relationship with our parents, it’s really sad because most (if not all) of us are lacking.


These two videos really put things in perspective though.


The first is a lecture from Sh. Yasir:



And the second, is a clip from Reality TV channel Al-Bedaya where contestants receive a visit from Abdullah Bane’ema who is paralyzed



May Allah swt forgive us for our shortcomings with our parents and may He swt help us mend our ways. May He swt forgive them and bestow His mercy upon them, as they bestowed their mercy upon us when we were young. And May He swt always keep us in their service and allow for them to be a means to Jannah for us. Ameen.


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