Preserving the Jewels of Islaamic Knowledge

The Example of Aasiyah

Posted by tayybahppn on April 8, 2009


I was thinking of this beautiful ayah (about Aasiyah bint Muzahim) today. It has always been one of my many favorites:



وَضَرَبَ اللَّهُ مَثَلًا لِلَّذينَ ءامَنُوا امرَأَتَ فِرعَونَ إِذ قالَت رَبِّ ابنِ لى عِندَكَ بَيتًا فِى الجَنَّةِ وَنَجِّنى مِن فِرعَونَ وَعَمَلِهِ وَنَجِّنى مِنَ القَومِ الظّٰلِمينَ


“And Allah has set forth an example for those who believe: the wife of

Fir`awn, when she said: “My Lord! Build for me a home with You in Paradise,

and save me from Fir`awn and his work, and save me from the people who are


{Surah at-Tahrim 66:11}


SubhanAllah, even though she was married to one of the worst and most disbelieving men to ever walk the face of this earth (Fir’awn), Aasiyah still strove to obey Allah  and was one of the most pious women in history. She faced unimaginable tortures at the hand of her husband, but she never wavered in her faith- she continually worshipped Allah  hoping and praying for a house in Paradise.


Although we may face hardships while striving to be obedient servants to our Lord, our situation is nothing in comparison to that which Aasiyah faced. She lived in the home of a tyrant, but was not affected by her husband’s disbelief because she obeyed Allah .


We pray that we can follow her sublime and noble example and we pray that Allah  will grant each of us a house in Jennah and grant us the strength of Aasiyah in the face of trials and struggles. Ameen. Thuma Ameen.


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