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The Insignifance of Creation

Posted by tayybahppn on April 8, 2009

Last night in Taraweeh, the shaykh recited:

قالَ لَهُ صاحِبُهُ وَهُوَ يُحاوِرُهُ أَكَفَرتَ بِالَّذى خَلَقَكَ مِن تُرابٍ ثُمَّ مِن نُطفَةٍ ثُمَّ سَوّاكَ رَجُلًا

“His companion said to him while he was conversing with him, “Have you disbelieved in He who created you from dust and then from a sperm-drop and then proportioned you [as] a man?”

{Surat al-Kahf: 18:37}

Subhannallah! This surah is well known and read very much, but for some reason hearing it from someone else was something different. It was touching to hear these words “Akafarta billathi Khalaqaq”. It felt like an arrow drenched in eman was shot to wake up the heart and almost purify it immediately from the impurities. How is it that we can be ungrateful to Allaah  who created us, that alone is a reason to submit our selves to His thank, . And then, the ayah continued to put the human to even MORE shame, “min Turab” (from dust), “Thumma min Nitfah” (then from a sperm-drop), “thumma sawwaka rajulah” (then proportioned you [as] a man). Not only are we not thankful when we disobey, but we also are not even in a position to have istikbar, bigotry and do other then what Allaah  said.

We come from the ground we step on and wash our bodies with water from because of our seeing it as dirt which needs to be cleaned.

We come from the Nutfah, the sperm and egg, things which are not even close to being visible by our normal eyes. This shows insignificance. We hide things which come out of our organs from others due to our shame of them. Not only do we original come from these organs as a nutfah, but we also come out of them as developed babies. So we come from what we look down upon and what we are ashamed to touch and see. Can you imagine a Lord who goes through this process in order for us to come to this world and give His message? It is not then an understatement at all when the heavens are on the verge of splitting from these statements.

And then after all of this Allah  says “thumma Sawwaka rajullah” (and then proportioned you [as] a man?). After all of this shame and weakness after weakness, how is it then and with what honor can we come and step out of line with Allah and then even take it further by speaking against Allah, who is the one who favored us by honoring us. It puts into perspective the amount of wrong that is done by us when in such a state and even worse. It shows the real and true status of shirk.


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