Preserving the Jewels of Islaamic Knowledge


White balloons emblazoned with purple logos are filled with helium… black and gold décor items are placed in bags… matching t-shirts donned…yellow armbands tied… committee placement charts and diagrams examined… going over the game-plan one last time…and its TIME… for ILMFEST 2008!


Lecture Schedule

A panel of awesome instructors…a series of exciting topics… and hundreds of enthusiastic students all under one roof at Cooper Union Hall, NYC for THE event of the year, hosted by Qabeelat Tayybah. Only a year old, our Qabeelah has the honor of spending the duration of this conference working closely with the shuyookh, while at the same time interacting with students from all over the U.S. From the emotional and inspirational tribute to Imam Siraaj Wahaj, to witnessing the love and camaraderie between the shuyookh, to joining the huge line at the gyro cart outside, to being the inspiration behind the paintings on the walls, it ends up being one of the most memorable weekends in Tayybah’s history. Being blessed with the opportunity to organize such a great event, we are left with unforgettable memories and a unique bond between us which makes ILMFest 08′ an experience we cherish and reminisce about to this day.

Memorable Moments

At the conclusion of the event…
Question & Answer session… 4 shuyookh on the panel
Shaykh Yasir unfolds a piece of paper…
“Here’s one… can you each share a funny, sweet, remarkable, touching story?”

The answers to this question, made every single student grow in their love for the shuyookh, as we heard from the oldest, the youngest, the toughest, and the most handsome shuyookh (according to their own classification)

See the rest of the pictures here. More can be found here also

Some of the lectures can be viewed at IlmCast.com

¨˜”°º•ρρη •º°”˜¨

Nope, no PPN!


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