Preserving the Jewels of Islaamic Knowledge


It’s been three months since the advent of Almaghrib in New York City…

Three months… three months of checking the calendar…three months of staring at the red and white and posters tacked to the wall…three months of longinggg…

Finally … its time! From everywhere around the city, students of knowledge head towards midtown Manhattan for the second Almaghrib seminar in New York City. Recently having achieved Qabeelah status, the newly minted Qabeelat Tayybah now turns to matters of the heart in Love Notes, this time with Shaykh Yaser Birjas.

A class unlike any other, in which you find brothers snacking on pink heart shaped cakes, and sisters breaking into a chorus of “awwws”, there are moments of laughter and moments of profound silence.

Learning about the hikma in the creation of men and women and taking lessons from the life of our beloved Rasul (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), thus flew by the shortest 3 days ever experienced which comprised Love Notes.

Memorable Moment

Following an activity in which brothers and sisters wrote down what they wanted in a spouse, Shaykh Yaser…

“One of the top 10 on both lists is someone who brings me closer to Allah… Seems like everyone is relying on the other to bring them closer to the deen…

Marriage is half your deen, so work on your half and inShaa’Allah Allah will bless you with the other half.”

To see the rest of the pics, click here

The birth of      ¨˜”°º•ρρη •º°”˜¨

On 2/17/2007, an email was sent out:

AsSalaamu Alaikum waRahmatullaah,
Alhamdu lillah I was able to get my hands on professional typed-up notes for LOG that are nothing short of phenomenal.
158 pages, that is.
Qur’anic verses were written in Arabic and English.
Hadiths were written with both the chain of narrators and which book they’re in, etc.

There isn’t a similar one for Love Notes though. Who wants to partake in this scholarly endeavor?

You loved the course, didn’t you?

You took down some good notes. Right?

So if you want to expand your Knowledge with Professional Notes and P ositively Contribute toProject Professional Love Notes Notes, Please reply to this email. Note that Time is Short.

On that Note, keep us in your Prayers!!!

PPLNN. Are you in?
Contribute positively. Add your spin.

Some people took that part about “adding their spin” too literally…     🙂

And so ρρη was born…

Besides myself, 2 brothers joined in. Then another email ensued:

The sisters were saying that there aren’t any serious committed brothers out there.

Man do we have news for them!!! The only people who want to join PPLNN were brothers. MaaShaa’Allah, what a wonderful sign of their seriousness and commitment, among other things I might add!

We got to do this Tayybah style ISA. Neat, Professional, nothing short of Scholarly.

We also have to charge for it if anyone wants it. What currency though?
What else but du’aa in the blessed times. We can be even more specific in the du’aa, if you know what I’m saying…

This is your last chance!!!!

Be part of PPLNN. Or be HISTORY.

On 3/24/07, LN-PPN was completed by 4 brothers and 2 sisters alHamdu lillaah. This first PPN was slated to include:

  • Comprehensive Notes. Everything that was covered during the seminar including: stories, references of scholars and books, words of advice, etc.

  • “Verified Sources”; Ayah’s quoted in both English and Arabic and aHaadeeth quoted with the source and narrator…

To download your copy of LN-PPN, please click here


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