Preserving the Jewels of Islaamic Knowledge


Route 114: The Sciences of Qur’aan

Red stop signs…bright yellow caution signs… black and white strictly enforced ‘one way’ signs… and a number of others mark this highly congested traffic area…
Where are all these people headed? … Route 114 !

Qabeelat Tayybah begins 2009 by welcoming Shaykh Yasir Qadhi back for Uloom al Qur’an. Standing at the intersection of ‘Tayybah Boulevard’ and ‘Yasir Qadhi Place’, the shaykh begins speaking about one of the most eman rush filled topics ever: the Quran. Surrounded by décor of roadway signs, with a row of huffadh in the front, we learn about and experience again the greatest miracle known to mankind.

Two weekends full of the Shaykh’s awesome tangents, the constant outcry of “Durbah sabotage”, a whole array of delicious cupcakes, and a lunch break spent hearing the recitation of the Qur’an, it is yet another remarkable Tayybah experience. The seminar comes to end in a bittersweet moment in which the new ameer presents the old ameer of Tayybah a wallet with an inscription that reads “Tayybah’s Finest.”

Memorable Moment

At the end of two weekends of hearing… “Durbah Sabotage?!!”
Br. Nihal from Durbah, comes up to the podium and says, “This is how Durbah pays back Tayybah…
Ya Tayybah, Ya Tayybah…”

And proceeds to sing the rest of the nasheed while everyone listens in silence.
May Allah bless the two Qabaa’il and increase them in their love for each other.

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¨˜”°º•ρρη •º°”˜¨ in the making

Coming Soon ISA


To download your copy of R114-PPN, click here.


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